They seem to happen at maximally inconvenient moments.

So I guess if it's dark, freezing, raining, on a dual carriageway, almost exactly half-way home ... that'd be the perfect time?



I'm playing a game of Neptunes Pride (http://np.ironhelmet.com/) .. several players have dropped out, leaving 3 of us carving up the AI housekeepers and generally avoiding conflict.

But of course, only one can win the game...

The penny just dropped, and my galaxy map just updated to look like one of the giant screens in crystal mountain.

Naturally.. I'm responding as advised by the W.O.P.R. .. but I can't help but wonder about the 3rd player who isn't in the line of fire.. will the advice of the movie be true in the end?


This'll make no sense to 99% of people, and not even to everyone who plays WoW:
We killed the Illidari Council last night.

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Grab the nearest book, go the 123rd page, find the fifth sentence and type that and the two sentences after it.

It will be highly visible to the rescue services of air and sea, too.

On land the new life jacket will be invaluable. Hillwalkers and mountaineers will welcome the instant shelter it can provide, and its ability to roll and bounce safely, if rather dizzily, down from untenable rocky fastnessess.


Having unearthed some very old episodes of Full Metal Alchemist.. and getting firmly hooked, it would seem that the only interweb-available episodes are in the 30's-40's.. (I've seen 1-5).

Does anyone know where I could find subbed episodes of 6-40..? :)